Core Principles

“Our mission at The Delivery Authority is to exceed customer’s expectations at all costs.”

– Rodger Bloch, founder/owner

Core Principles

The Delivery Authority has been serving Chicagoland on time, for over 20 years. We have built this company on four core principles:

We hire the best. We go the extra mile to hire the very best drivers in the business. We conduct comprehensive background checks, drug screening and motor vehicle checks. We use character based recruiting, which has yield great results for us and our clients. Our drivers receive ongoing training and a very competitive compensation package that include workman’s compensation.

Drive results with cutting edge technology. There is no better software, in the delivery industry, than Key Systems Software – Xcelerator and Cheetah Route Optimization software. We keep our customers involved and up to speed on all pick-ups and deliveries. It is designed for the On Demand, Same-day, Next-day, Distribution, E-Commerce and Warehousing service areas.

Put integrity above all. We never promise a customer anything that we can’t do well. We are truthful to our customers, our vendors and each other. There are no surprises with our pricing. When we give you a price, that is the price. Never any hidden fees or charges.

We make communication a priority at all times. When an issue arises, and it will, it is imperative to let our customers know before their customers know. If a delivery is going to show up late, or not at all. We will notify you and then we will fix it.

These principles are what led us to become one of the most trusted delivery and assembly companies in Chicago and surrounding areas. Which explains why Amazon, RR Donnelly, UPS and many others have made us their provider of choice.

Our mission at The Delivery Authority is to exceed our customer’s expectations at all costs.


Rodger Bloch


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