Driver & Vehicle Outsourcing

The Delivery Authority can support, expand, or replace your current fleet with professional drivers and well-maintained vehicles.

Driver/Vehicle Outsourcing – Outsourced Drivers. Vehicles.

Improve Service and Reduce Costs with Driver and Vehicle Outsourcing

Managing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles in-house is becoming more expensive and difficult. The regulatory burden of keeping a fleet on the road has increased. Additionally, keeping a team of drivers is tough especially, if transportation is not your core business.

Between monthly vehicle payments, continual maintenance costs, fuel prices, and the expense of workers’ wages, maintaining your own delivery fleet puts a huge dent in your profit margin. By outsourcing your recurring delivery needs, you can save as much as 32% of your transportation budget, allowing you to divert the finances to improve your specialty services or products.

We can support, expand, or replace your current fleet with professional delivery drivers and well-maintained vehicles


  • Savings on health & benefit plans
  • Savings on insurance and liability
  • Savings on payroll costs and worker’s compensation
  • Savings on vehicle maintenance
  • Savings on vacation time and holiday pay
  • Savings on unemployment and taxes
  • Shift of manager’s focus from fleet and HR concerns to core business

Keep Your Dedicated Driver and Outsource the Hassle

When you utilize our Driver and Vehicle Outsourcing program, we provide a driver and a vehicle and a backup should anything go wrong. You manage the driver throughout the day as if he was an employee of yours, but there are no more HR worries or expenses associated with recruiting, advertising, screening, benefits, workers comp, injury, flexing up for peak seasons, reducing for slow seasons or performance management.  We take care of all of that and more, and we do it at a cost savings to you. No more turnover concerns. No more sick days, no shows, vehicle breakdowns. No more sending a manager to fill in for a driver. NO MORE PAIN.

The Delivery Authority manages your changing needs and interruptions before they get in the way of you doing business.

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