Why Choose Us

Provide professional delivery services at competitive prices and be on time every time at all costs!

The Delivery Authority is one of Illinois’ most trusted providers of Same Day Delivery, Routed Deliveries, Retail Package Delivery and Driver and Vehicle Outsourcing.

Our Approach

We are designed to be the leader today, tomorrow, provide customized service for every individual customer, and in touch with our customers to help them stay close to their customers. We treat every order as a mission critical link to our customer’s success and will stop at nothing to get their desired results.

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Driver Selection

We see hiring, training and retaining the best drivers as a virtuous circle. If we can hire the best and supplement their capabilities with our training and operational expertise, we will be able to exceed customers’ expectations and grow our business. If we are growing, we will be able to keep the best drivers busy and employed.

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Our Culture

One of the biggest problems in transportation is lack of communication. You will not have that problem with The Delivery Authority. We encourage our team to over-communicate so there is no doubt. We are especially vigilant about communicating problems. Problems must be raised, discussed and resolved quickly.

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Our Technology

Anybody can enter the delivery business, but not everybody has the foresight, commitment or resources to invest in state of the art technology solutions. We have made those investments because we believe technology is a key enabler to success in the delivery business – we invest in the best to provide the best.

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