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The Delivery Authority is one of Illinois’ most trusted providers of Same Day Delivery, Routed Deliveries, Retail Package Delivery and Driver and Vehicle Outsourcing.

Hiring, Training and Retaining the Best Drivers is the Key to Our Success

At The Delivery Authority, we believe that hiring, training and retaining the best drivers enables us to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Our Virtuous Circle – Hire, Train and Retain the Best

We see hiring, training and retaining the best drivers as a virtuous circle. If we can hire the best and supplement their capabilities with our training and operational expertise, we will be able to exceed customers’ expectations and grow our business. If we are growing, we will be able to keep the best drivers busy and employed.

The Delivery Authority is one of Illinois’s largest courier and delivery services and we have enjoyed over 20 years of explosive growth so we think our virtuous circle is working just fine.

Hiring The Best. We take driver hiring and vetting very seriously. We have a very comprehensive process and a dedicated human resource manager who is continuously refining and improving the process.

Every one of our drivers has passed drug testing and a criminal background check. Additionally, we review motor driving records to ensure we only work with safe drivers. We also require a professional appearance for our drivers.

We also look beyond the obvious. We hire based on character and attitude because we want drivers who have good judgement and can solve problems that might arise.

We also hire based on the type of customer and engagement. Every customer has unique requirements and it is our job to understand the requirements and hire the right driver(s) for the job.

  • Trained professional drivers
  • Uniformed & picture I.D. cards
  • Character based recruiting and placement
  • Neat appearance
  • Drug screened
  • Motor Vehicle checked
  • 7 year background checked
  • Previous employment verification
  • Live G.P.S. tracking
  • Custom web site for tracking
  • Drivers check in every morning
  • We provide trained backup drivers if the primary driver is off or vehicle is disabled
  • Quality vehicles
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Covered by workman’s compensation
  • Cargo Insurance


Training The Best. We train our drivers to ensure our customer satisfaction, driver/highway safety and security.

First and foremost, we want our drivers to be safe. We only use safe drivers, so we expect them to drive safely and follow all safety rules. Our training reinforces the importance of safe driving.
Next, our training focuses on the customer specific requirements. We develop a process and training for each one of our customers. The training varies widely based on customer requirements. Some of our customer just need a package delivered, while other jobs require complex assembly. Technology is an increasingly important aspect of our business, so our drivers must be trained in whatever technology is required for the job.

Last, but not least we train our drivers on the proper handling, safety and security for the product they are transporting. All of our shipments are important, however, some are fragile or require special handling. Our training covers security and loss prevention, which is especially important for products that are a bigger threat for theft (electronics, phones, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Retaining The Best. We pride ourselves on the good long term relationships we have with our drivers. Good employees or contractors have plenty of opportunities, so we are proud that they chose to stay with us. It is also a testament to our culture and our approach to the courier business.

Our drivers are one of the reasons that The Delivery Authority boasts a blue chip client roster and has grown so rapidly over the years. That blue chip client roster and rapid growth is one of the reasons we are able to retain great drivers – the virtuous circle works.

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