Our Approach

At the Delivery Authority, we pride ourselves on providing fast, accurate and efficient package delivery service. Providing superior service doesn’t happen by accident – we design the perfect experience for our customers.

The Delivery Authority is one of Illinois’ most trusted providers of Same Day Delivery, Routed Deliveries, Final Delivery and Assembly and Driver / Vehicle Outsourcing.

Our Approach

Customer requirements. Our process begins with understanding our customer’s unique requirements. While there are similarities, no two customers are the exactly the same. We design a customized solution for each and every customer. We take the time to understand requirements for: technology, locations, communication, product handling, vehicle type, equipment, driver, setup, delivery, signatures, documentation and whatever else is required by our customer.

Customized Delivery Solution. Once we fully understand the customer requirements, we design a customized solution. The process is documented including technology which will enable (and enforce) process compliance. We also work with the customer to develop key performance indicators that will help us to objectively measure performance. The KPIs also help us drive continuous improvement. We believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Driver Selection. Hiring the right drivers for the job is the most important thing we do. Our recruiting team has developed a strict criterion for driver selection. Every one of our drivers has passed drug testing and a criminal background check. Additionally, we review motor driving records to ensure we only work with safe drivers. We also demand a professional appearance for our drivers. We utilize character based hiring. We are looking for drivers who have good judgement and can solve problems that might arise.

Driver Training. As part of our customized solution, we conduct comprehensive training with our drivers. Our training programs help our drivers to follow the process and meet our customer’s high expectations. Since we move pharmaceuticals, electronics and many other high value products, our drivers receive specialized training on handling, safety and security.
Technology. Engineering an effective and efficient delivery solution requires technology and we have invested in the very best. We use Xcelerator for our transportation management system, which is the gold standard for package delivery management. Xcelerator – Electronic signature capture, optimization, barcoding / scanning, tracking, GPS.

Customer Service. We recognize that our clients have many choices in the market place, so we are designed to be the leader today, stay relevant for tomorrow, provide customized service for every individual customer, and stay closely in touch with our customers to help them stay close to their customers. We treat every order as a mission critical link to our customer’s success and will stop at nothing to get their desired results.

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