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The Delivery Authority is one of Illinois’ most trusted providers of Same Day Delivery, Routed Deliveries, Retail Package Delivery and Driver and Vehicle Outsourcing.

Streamlining the Delivery Process

Anybody can enter the delivery business, but not everybody has the foresight, commitment or resources to invest in state of the art technology solutions. The Delivery Authority has made those investments because we believe technology is a key enabler to success in the delivery business.

Our technology investments help make our operations more effective and efficient. Our investments also streamline and improve the customer experience.

Using our best in class transportation management systems, our customers can order, get real time updates, track and trace. They also have access to GPS, dispatcher alerts, EDI, barcoding, scanning and electronic signatures.

We use Xcelerator, a Windows-based courier management software solution designed for the Same-day, Next-day, Distribution, E-Commerce and Warehousing industries. We also use Cheetah Logistics Optimization Platform to ensure we are taking the most time (and cost) efficient route when delivering your shipment.

These technology investments help us reduce errors and costs, while improving information flow, visibility and speed. Below is additional information on these important technologies.

Xcelerator can be highly customized to harness and leverage the power of your changing business. We offer a detailed dashboard reporting highlighting real-time or historic data of what is happening across all areas of your business, viewable on a smartphone or tablet. Bringing a user-friendly interface that works across any mobile operating system. We incorporate all phases of your business, including on-demand, routed and scheduled work, distribution and cross docking operations, warehousing and LTL.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased visibility of time sensitive information
  • Quality online shipping, tracking and mapping
  • Reduce invoicing time with built-in accounting
  • Full Detail with customizable reports
  • Mobile reporting app
Cheetah Logistics Route Optimization Platform has evolved over seven generations and is many years ahead of any other solution in the market. It has solved complex Business to customer door solutions representing all real-world constraints. From first mile through last mile it dynamically improves the route networks.Key Benefits:
  • Synchronize the Network
  • Reduce Operating Cost While Improving Asset Utilization
  • Increase Speed of Delivery
  • Enable Reliability Across Operations
  • Empower All Users with Live Visibility
  • Notify Customers Automatically Minutes Before Arrival
  • Deliver More with Less Assets and Personnel
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