Time Sensitive and Next Day Delivery

Not all Next Day or Time-Sensitive Delivery Companies are Alike.

When looking for a shipping company or courier to handle your time-sensitive package deliveries, there are a few things to ask. Time-sensitive deliveries require special systems and a familiarity with the area in which the delivery will be taking place in order to ensure that your shipment gets to where it needs to go on time.


A successful quick-ship process is not as simple as grabbing a package and driving across town, although it should seem that simple to you, the customer. The Delivery Authority has developed a proprietary Cycle of Service that addresses all of the important steps in any transportation job, including estimates, routes, alerts and more. The technologies that are built into this proprietary system enable visibility into the movement of packages and post-delivery accounting and reporting.

The system should not be only technology based, though. Sometimes you just want to talk to a person who knows you and your delivery. That's why our proprietary Cycle of Service includes a specially trained project manager that is actively managing your account and your shipments. Our goal is for you to never need to ask us for an update or course correction, because we're already on it.

Knowledge of the Delivery Area

One of the most important things to look for an a delivery company for next day shipping is that they know the area in which you're shipping from and to. This enables quick and efficient route creation and ensures time is not lost due to a lack of knowledge of the area. That's why The Delivery Authority specializes in Midwest deliveries- in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan. We know these states, we know the the cities and towns in these states and we're deeply familiar with their airports. So if you're looking to quickly ship from one airport, for example, O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, Illinois, to Indianapolis International Airport (IND) in Indiana, you want a shipper that knows those routes and rules for those airports.

The Delivery Authority makes regular pickups and deliveries to airports in the Midwest. For a more comprehensive list, click here.


Finally, you have to trust the delivery company to properly handle your packages that have to ship quickly. The Delivery Authority has been in the transportation and logistics business for decades and we have many happy customers for a reason. To read more about what our customers say about us, please read some testimonials.

Finding a competent shipping provider for your same-day and overnight package delivery can be stressful. We're here to make it easy.

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