Driver & Vehicle Outsourcing

A driver and vehicle at your service, with none of the hassle.

Transportation, delivery and logistics is what we do all day, every day. Maintaining a fleet and professional delivery team requires time, skill and expense. We’re here to make it easier and more effective, at a significant cost savings.

When you utilize our driver and vehicle outsourcing program, we provide a vetted driver, vehicle and a backup should anything go wrong. You manage the driver throughout the day as if he was an employee of yours, but without the HR worries or expenses associated with recruiting, advertising, screening, benefits, workers’ comp, injury, flexing up for peak seasons, reducing for slow seasons or performance management. No more turnover concerns. No more sick days, no shows, or vehicle breakdowns. No more sending a manager to fill in for a driver.

The Delivery Authority manages your changing needs and interruptions before they get in the way of you doing business. We’re on it, and will never leave you hanging.

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By outsourcing your recurring delivery needs, you can save as much as


of your transportation budget, allowing you to divert the finances to improve your specialty services or products

Calculate Your Potential Savings

employee costs

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vehicle costs

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Outsourcing your delivery vehicle and driver team saves money

SavE on health & benefit plans

SavE on insurance and liability

Save on payroll costs and workers' compensation

Save on vehicle maintenance

Save on vacation time and holiday pay

Save on unemployment and taxes

Shift manager’s focus from fleet and HR concerns to your core business

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The Delivery Authority has been a valued service provider for RR Donnelly for over 15 years. They are a great partner and have surpassed our expectations in everything we have asked them to do for us.

-Chuck Fattore, President at RR Donnelly Logistics

Great company to work with! Always do what they say they will. Calvin, Dan, and Andy always take care of the loads we entrust them with.  Always there on time, if not early!  Great,  reliable, honest company.

-Caleb Hawkins, QuickShip

People who care about your business as much as you do, which today is unheard of.  Above and beyond is the effort these fine folks went for me, and I AM IMPRESSED! Thank you Arethea and Debra!  The team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and offers superior customer service!

-Annie Tucker

Our Drivers Undergo an Intensive Vetting Process

We take driver hiring very seriously. Our drivers are the backbone of our business and one of the faces of yours. Delivery outsourcing with The Delivery Authority will make you look good.


Cars & SUVs

For messenger and courier services and small package deliveries, we have cars and SUVs available for cargo delivery.

Cargo Vans & Sprinter Vans

Our cargo and sprinter vans are a great fit for small parcel delivery, final mile shipping and scheduled deliveries.

Small 16 Foot Box Trucks & Cube Trucks

Our small box trucks can be leveraged for Full Truckload (FTL) shipments or Less Than Truckload (LTL) deliveries. Expedited shipping services, local deliveries and airport runs are often done with our box truck fleet.

Box Trucks Up To 26 Feet & Straight Trucks Up To 26 Feet

Our large box trucks range in size up to 26 feet. Used in long haul, hot shot and other transportation and delivery services, our box trucks are perfect for large and palletized loads.

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